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At Midtown Junk Removal Services, you can expect quick, friendly, clean, and courteous service. This service provider understands that trash or junk removal is something that not everyone can do, it is neither fun nor clean topic. The job is all dirty, unpleasant, grimy, but you are sure to get a clean yard in no time. The Midtown hauling services also recycle and keep the junk away from landfill as much as possible. They have connections with local companies so they are reachable to every nook and corner and help you keep your yard clean away from environmental damage.

You may have to remove yard junk for several reasons as it comes in different forms. You may need to cut or trim trees due to the recent storm that might have broken big branches and scatter all around the yard. Even, your yard gets dirty due to your recent landscaping or gardening project that might have left all the debris everywhere in the yard, or just your yard is filled with broken branches, clutter, etc., and you feel it is time to clean up, then call Midtown services, they will be ready to serve you at any time and anywhere. The junk removal services offer quick and clean services and they charge very reasonably.

Midtown Hauling provides a safe, eco-friendly, and efficient tree trimming and yard waste removal services to the surrounding community.  You don’t need to worry about anything, including disposal, pick up of your yard waste. The service provider provides a professional and experienced team to remove any type of yard debris, including tree trimming. They will spate the recycling junk from general junk and haul any type of waste that you have on your premises. The hauling service takes the junk in junk removal trucks and they can handle any yard waste items.

To remove the tree trimmings from your yard, all that you need to do is just call the Midtown services and take an appointment, everything can be done online. Insured, experienced, and professional waste removal team will soon arrive at your office or a home within 15mins after taking the appointment. You can ask for free estimation before they come to your home or office to remove the tree trimmings. They will haul everything that you tell them to remove without adding any hidden fees.


Midtown Hauling Junk Removal Service removes any types of yard debris, including:







Landscaping Debris


Old Timber






Corrugated Iron

Clean your yard waste and enhance the beauty of new pruning. The Midtown Hauling offers clean and quick services that you cannot get from any other providers.  You need to call a professional arborist immediately when your tree seems too close to power lines, branches touching your home if you notice loose and dead branches, etc. Once they cut the branches, you can immediately call Midtown Hauling services to clear the yard waste.




Pickup Items and Services

Garage Clean Up • Yard Clean Up • Office Junk Removal • Storage Clean Out • Concrete Removal • Dirt Removal • Tree Removal • Kitchen Demolition • Bathroom Demolition • Small Appliances • Large Appliances • Hot Tubs • Small and Large Desks • Old Cabinets • Old Tools • Tree Trimmings • Lot Trash Removal • Estate Clean Out • Old Fences • Construction Debris • Small Demolition • Old Mattresses • Beds • Sofas • Blankets • Basement Clean Up • Attic Clean Up • Sheds

Clients Served

Midtown Hauling takes pride in their work and is proud to service Los Angeles and it’s surrounding areas. We are happy that our clients can count on us to give them a hand with all of their junk.

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