Sofa Removal

Now, you don’t need to worry about removing your old sofas and couches, the Midtown Hauling services can do the job for you and help you clean the junk from your house. You can take an online appointment or call the Midtown Hauling Junk Removal Service to do all the cleaning work. The expert team can easily handle the heavy lifting and hauling away your old Sofa effortlessly. When you buy a new sofa, you don’t know what you will do with the old one, and keeping it near the curb cannot be problematic to neighbors. That is when you need services like Midtown Hauling, you don’t need to lift a figure, just take an appointment and the professional team will be there 15 to 30mintues before the appointment time and they even do clean up job. You just relax and show them the sofas that you want to get rid of, and the rest of the job the team will take care.


What’s included with this service?

The Junk removal service will remove sofas, couches, or chars from home and they will recycle the products whenever it is possible.


What happens next?

Once you take an online appointment, you will get an email from the service provider to confirm the time, date, and other required details of your couch or sofa removal.  The team will arrive 15 to 30-minutes early to an appointment time, but sometimes it can vary depending on the location and size of the product.


Why should you hire an expert?

As you all know the fact that disposing of your old sofa or couch is a very difficult task, and you cannot handle on your own. Also, you cannot throw your sofa in a dumpster or leave it at the curb along with garbage. A junk removal professional can take care of your old sofa effortlessly and they can even recycle the item whenever possible.

Some people through their old couches in the dumpster or leave them near a dumpster as the old sofas are difficult to get rid of. But, it is not the solution as there are several other problems may occur and also most of these garbage services are not well-equipped to handle sofa removal.  Also, the other vital reason why you should not throw your old sofa or couch in a dumpster is that most of the parts in sofa can be recycled.

If you have old couches or sofas lying in your house and occupying the space, then it’s time to call the professional Midtown Hauling, the expert team can remove the sofa without damaging other furniture and the best thing is they are very affordable and reliable.  At Midtown Hauling Services you can get complete furniture removal services as well, including:


Sofas, sofa beds, couches, futons, and ottomans

Dining, coffee, and side tables

Bookcases and wall units

China cabinets, Filing cabinets, and credenzas

Wardrobes and Dressers

Office chairs, desks, and cubicles

Recliners, armchairs, benches, and dining chairs

Trampolines, basketball nets, and workout equipment

Currently, you cannot even donate the old sofas to a charity as they have become very choosy about picking up the old stuff. That is why the junk services are sprouting up to help people remove their old furniture without any hassle.




Pickup Items and Services

Garage Clean Up • Yard Clean Up • Office Junk Removal • Storage Clean Out • Concrete Removal • Dirt Removal • Tree Removal • Kitchen Demolition • Bathroom Demolition • Small Appliances • Large Appliances • Hot Tubs • Small and Large Desks • Old Cabinets • Old Tools • Tree Trimmings • Lot Trash Removal • Estate Clean Out • Old Fences • Construction Debris • Small Demolition • Old Mattresses • Beds • Sofas • Blankets • Basement Clean Up • Attic Clean Up • Sheds

Clients Served

Midtown Hauling takes pride in their work and is proud to service Los Angeles and it’s surrounding areas. We are happy that our clients can count on us to give them a hand with all of their junk.

Junkless Homes

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