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Are you looking to clear out your old Snowblower and any other tools? Then, don’t look anymore. The Midtown Hauling is just what you want to remove all your old tools. It is one of the best junk removal service providers that have been providing reliable and outstanding services in several communities and the surrounding areas for several years now. Snowblowers are the most useful equipment that blows the snow and give you way quickly. But, when the Snowblower was worn out that means you need to discard it and get the new one for the next winter season.

Also, if you want to get rid of your old tools that are occupying your garage space, then it is the right time to call the Midtown Hauling. It can help you remove all the unwanted old tools from your garage and helps you use the storage spaces for something useful.  Once, you will get rid of all the old equipment, then you can re-organize your garage and keep things properly and use the space for appropriate things.

Many times, you will notice that your old tools or equipment is not working only when you want to use it, which make it even more irritating.  You will spend several hours to fix it or try to replace it, but when you want to replace it means you have to buy a new one, and you will still have your old tool as well.   These old tools are big and heavy getting rid of them is not so easy, moreover, these bulky tools occupy a lot of space in your shed, garage, or home.  That is why taking help from the reliable junk removal service can be always helpful, especially when you want to get rid of heavy old tools.

The Midtown Hauling offers a professional junk removal services and the team is well-trained to handle the heavier loads, they will remove the old tools from your garage, and haul it too. The professional team will take care of everything, you don’t need to do anything, just show them the old tools that you want to remove. Everything else will be taken care of the trained team. Also, the service will recycle the tools if possible.


What Kind Of Junk do they Haul? 

Furniture: Tables, sofas, mattresses/beds, box springs, chairs, dressers, headboards, desks, pads, and carpets

Appliances: Freezers, fridges, dishwashers, stoves, dryers/washers

Electronics: Old computers, TVs of any size, printers, monitors, cables, stereo equipment, phones, etc.

Remodel Debris and Construction: Drywall, lumber, deck materials, trim, countertops, old cabinets, mirrors, tiles, and toilets

General Junk: Toys, old tools, boxes, shelves, clothing, toys, bicycles, and exercise equipment

Yard Debris: Limbs, branches, firewood, fences, tree trimming, etc.

Other Junk: Hot tubs, lawnmowers, playscapes, satellite dishes, patio furniture, tires, etc.


Where Do They Haul It From? 








Storage Units

Investment and rental properties


Construction Sites


Who Is Their Typical Customer?



Real Estate Brokers and agents

Property Managers



Government Agencies

Home Improvement Contractors

Charities and More




Pickup Items and Services

Garage Clean Up • Yard Clean Up • Office Junk Removal • Storage Clean Out • Concrete Removal • Dirt Removal • Tree Removal • Kitchen Demolition • Bathroom Demolition • Small Appliances • Large Appliances • Hot Tubs • Small and Large Desks • Old Cabinets • Old Tools • Tree Trimmings • Lot Trash Removal • Estate Clean Out • Old Fences • Construction Debris • Small Demolition • Old Mattresses • Beds • Sofas • Blankets • Basement Clean Up • Attic Clean Up • Sheds

Clients Served

Midtown Hauling takes pride in their work and is proud to service Los Angeles and it’s surrounding areas. We are happy that our clients can count on us to give them a hand with all of their junk.

Junkless Homes

Junkless Offices

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