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Buying latest mattress is always a perfect way to keep up your good night sleep. Also, the statistics show that each individual spends one-third of their life for sleeping.  The perfect bed is one of the reasons to keep away you from insomnia and back pain, and the worn –out mattresses can stain your body and may cause these health conditions. But, when you are planning to get a new mattress, then you should also look for a good hauler to take away the old mattress. Generally, people put their old mattress in the basement or in the attic, which will get more spoil and also it takes a lot of space.

But, now you don’t need to worry about how to discard your old mattress as the Midtown Hauling Junk Removal Service will take the old mattress when you call them. The service provides a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly old mattress disposal service and they make the entire process easy for you. The experienced team at Midtown will come to take away the old mattress and haul the mattress along with the bed frame carefully without damaging the room while taking it out.  The team will do every heavy lifting task, you don’t need to place the mattress out at the curb and irritate your neighbors.   The haulers will make sure that the old bed or mattress is disposed of at an appropriate recycling facility so that it will not spoil the green nature.

To get rid of your old mattresses, you just need to get an online appointment and the professional team who are totally insured and licensed will come to the place 15minutes before the appointment and they will also get free estimate depending on the space that the items occupy in the truck.  They will haul all old mattresses and any other junk and they team will do all the work from lifting to loading in the truck, and you don’t need to worry about any hidden fees when you hire Midtown Hauler to do the job.

The Midtown Hauling Services not only disposes old material, but they also specialize in all kinds of junk removal, including:

Furniture Removal

Appliance Removal

Yard Waste Removal

Trash Removal

Hot Tub Removal

Television Recycling & Disposal

Construction Waste Removal

Refrigerator Recycling & Disposal

E-Waste Disposal

Garbage Removal

Foreclosure Cleanouts and More


How Does Old Mattress Removal Service Work?

The Midtown Hauling Service offers old mattresses recycling and removal service for both commercial organization and residents.  Once you make an appointment, at the scheduled date and time, the team the efficient team will arrive at the place and they do everything from picking up the old mattress from your home to loading it in the truck. All that you need to do is just point out the junk that you want to get-rid-off and the service provides you with a straight all-inclusive price. They also provide eco-friendly way services by recycling your old mattress.




Pickup Items and Services

Garage Clean Up • Yard Clean Up • Office Junk Removal • Storage Clean Out • Concrete Removal • Dirt Removal • Tree Removal • Kitchen Demolition • Bathroom Demolition • Small Appliances • Large Appliances • Hot Tubs • Small and Large Desks • Old Cabinets • Old Tools • Tree Trimmings • Lot Trash Removal • Estate Clean Out • Old Fences • Construction Debris • Small Demolition • Old Mattresses • Beds • Sofas • Blankets • Basement Clean Up • Attic Clean Up • Sheds

Clients Served

Midtown Hauling takes pride in their work and is proud to service Los Angeles and it’s surrounding areas. We are happy that our clients can count on us to give them a hand with all of their junk.

Junkless Homes

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